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We specialise in providing top-tier 4G internet hire for events across the UK, ensuring that event organisers and attendees can rely on robust, high-speed internet access. 

5G Internet Services

Explore Limitless Opportunities with 5G Business Solutions. Discover the power of global connectivity with us and experience speedy internet with advanced 5G technology.  

Satellite Internet Services

Our satellite Wi-Fi solutions are at your service no matter where you are in the world. We specialise in providing bespoke connectivity solutions tailored to your unique business event requirements.  

WiFi in Box

The ultimate solution for fast, secure, and reliable event connectivity. Ideal for festivals, trade shows, conferences, and more. Enjoy speeds with 4x 4G/LTE, 99.9% uptime, and customisable bandwidth. 

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4G Internet Rental for Business Events

Experience unrivalled 4G internet rental services tailored for your business events with OWR Event WiFi. In the fast-paced world of corporate events, seamless connectivity is paramount. Our dedicated solutions ensure your event remains digitally empowered, fostering enhanced communication, smooth presentations, and streamlined networking. Say goodbye to frustrating connectivity issues and hello to high-speed, reliable 4G internet that keeps your attendees engaged and productive. We understand the importance of a strong online presence for any business event, and our 4G WiFi service is designed to provide the connectivity backbone your event needs.  

Trust OWR Event WiFi to deliver a seamless digital experience that elevates your business events to the next level. 

Fast & Uninterrupted

4G Internet Rental Solution | Where Speed Meets Event Excellence

Enter OWR Event WiFi, a pioneering solution that alleviates these connectivity woes. We specialise in providing top-tier 4G internet hire for events across the UK. Our cutting-edge technology ensures all attendees’ seamless, high-speed internet access, enabling them to stay connected, share experiences in real-time, and fully engage with event content. With OWR Event WiFi, event organisers can trust that their attendees will have a seamless digital experience, enhancing event success, participant satisfaction, and overall event ROI. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to a connected, engaged event audience with OWR Event WiFi. 

Cradlepoint Rental Hire_ Enterprise 4G Router

Enterprise 4G Router

Cradlepoint offers higher-performance yet secure cloud solutions for digital signage and kiosks. Clients often utilise it for remote access points during events or as backups on primary internet connections. Contact us for Cradlepoint rental services

4g lte mifi router

4G LTE MiFi Router Hire

Connects multiple devices in the same area, such as exhibition stands or meeting locations, at a venue where WiFi is unavailable. MiFi router hire is powered with 4G internet, connects up to 1-7 devices, and has excellent battery life. Contact us for MiFi router hire

Personalised Bonded Internet Setup

4G LTE Professional Router

Industrial grade 4G and APN networking equipment installation and configuration are available. Our 4G router and APN Networking Kits can power up to 100 devices, and the solution is scalable depending on your needs.

WiFi Rental For Events

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4G Hire in the UK

You Need Bonded 4G For A Continuous Connection

We understand there can be many connectivity problems with events, especially in remote areas. OWR Event WiFi believes that you deserve a continuous internet connection no matter where you are. We ensure that your connection stays active with our bonded 4G rental service and minimise the risk of a bad connection.

Bonded 4G is being used worldwide to make sure people stay connected. OWR Event WiFi has incorporated this technology into our rental services to cater to your business presentations, conferences and seminars where you and your guests can connect continuously. 

Bonded Solution

Our State Of The Art Bonded 4G Rental Solutions

We have state of the art rental solutions to your connectivity challenges. OWR Event WiFi provides fast and reliable 4G connections that use multiple SIMs to give smooth, undisturbed transmissions. Our solutions give an unbreakable link for any short term event you may have. We focus on helping our clients and their big events, even if they are in remote locations and need a good internet connection. 

At OWR Event Wifi, we are shaping your lives and the future of commercial events. Our connections will give you the best video quality, excellent live streaming, secure connections and total peace of mind.

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short term event solution

A Short-Term State Of Affairs

It can be hard to find a short-term solution to your connectivity issues. OWR Event WiFi offers you the flexibility of being able to rent your 4G network for any upcoming event. You can hire our services for a day, a week, or more. 

We provide you with an easy bonded 4G rental option. This will save you the time of setting up a new connection and be cheaper than purchasing one for your short-term event. OWR Event WiFi gives fast solutions for any event challenge. 

Try Our 5G Internet

Upgrade Your Connectivity

Access Unparalleled Connectivity with OWR Event Wifi’s 5G Internet Solution . Experience Exceptional Internet Speed for Your Team and Event Attendees. Our Expert Technical Team is Ready to Assist with Setup and Continuous Support. Reach Out Today for a Complimentary Quote and Elevate Your Event with the Speed of 5G Internet. 

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Why Choose Us?

We specialise in delivering outstanding solutions for 4G internet hire. Our dedicated team works closely with event organisers to customise our technology to perfectly align with the unique requirements of every event, regardless of its scale. Recognising the vital role of advanced and reliable event technology, we provide an extensive spectrum of IT rental services, including Mac and iPad rentals, wireless networking, and satellite internet. Our paramount objective is to guarantee the flawless and efficient execution of your event. 



OWR Event WiFi prioritizes top-tier customer service, offering 24/7 remote and on-site IT rental support.


OWR Event WiFi serves global clients with IT rentals in 60+ countries, offering full support.



Enhance savings with our additional event supplies like iPads, scanners, & much more to make event success.



Dedicated to delivering quality equipment and service, our global inventory ensures seamless experiences.


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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our dedication to delivering top-notch service is reflected in the feedback from our clients. Our customers have consistently praised for our seamless IT rental services. They’ve described our team as responsive, reliable, and a true partner in making their events extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

OWR Event WiFi offers bonded 4G rental services that give you high speed data connections that are secure and protected. 

Our 4G internet hire allows simultaneous connection for up to seven devices, providing temporary WiFi solutions that cater to various events or travel destinations. 

No, OWR Event WiFi will continue to own the 4G internet devices, including the Cradlepoint, MiFi Router, and 4G LTE Professional Router, during and after the rental agreement term. 

Our services are accessible to businesses worldwide, spanning over 60 countries. Our core mission revolves around assisting companies with their technology requirements, regardless of their location. We stand committed to providing 24/7 customer support and a dedicated technical team to support your needs at any time and from any corner of the globe. 


Feel free to upgrade your rental agreement at any point. Reach out to our team of experts for additional details and assistance. 

WiFi in a Box can be powered by standard EU, US, or UK AC power plugs. It is low-power-consumption compatible with generators and operates worldwide with both 110v and 220v voltage options. 


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