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Create an unforgettable mesmerising event for your guests!


The title says it all. At OWREventWifi we collaborate with our super skilled audio and visual technicians to enhance and deliver events to remember.

Our AV rental package includes a huge range of technology products that create stunning visual displays at your event. We have HD projectors, LED video walls, touchscreen displays and professional audio systems to engage your audience.


User interaction is the key.
Our range of touchscreens have high definition displays and combined with our event Wi-Fi solutions will create ultimate interactive experiences for your guests through the use of integrated apps. Our range of digital touchscreens are brilliant event solutions for sending brand messages and regular updates thorough the event, see our range below

Event Wi-Fi solutions all the way.
Our audio and visual technicians will setup your AV rental package and event Wi-Fi all ready to use for guests, host and event organisers. We promise a secure and fast event Wi-Fi connectivity to get everyone online asap!


send an email to to find out about AV rental or fill out the enquiry form and we will call you back for a full consultation.