24-hour deployment of Remote Working IT. Laptops, monitors, remote phone extensions, and accessories in any
volume. Fully preloaded software, safe delivery practices.


With our world class AV rentals, we will make sure your guests are part of a captivating and unforgettable event!

OWR Event Wi-Fi is proud to collaborate with skilled technicians to bring you a fantastic experience. We have competitive prices and work throughout the UK and Europe, as well as globally.

Want the best quality video? Try our HD Projectors!

Projectors are vital for any successful event set up. OWR Event Wi-Fi knows that in order to deliver true 4K HDR content, your event needs to have a high-quality projector. Our selection of AV rentals offers picture displays as large as 75 inches. Whether you want high quality displays across white walls, or a magnified presentation of your products, we can deliver according to your requirements.

OWREventWi-Fi knows that it is not easy putting together an event. So we guarantee to make this experience as successful as possible with a range of projectors that deliver quality throw, crisp images and optimal brightness and colour accuracy.

For a highly visual crowd, the LED Wall is a great choice

OWR Event Wi-Fi offers LED video walls for your event. These are direct view displays that work side by side to showcase your content on a large surface. We choose the best brands for our AV rentals to make content look like it's streaming from a single screen. Our displays are efficient, visually engaging, and deliver seamless imagery.

OWR Event Wi-Fi knows how important this new technology is and we understand that the demand changes according to the size of your event. We assure you that our collection of LEDs have superior specs that work for a range of indoor and outdoor events.

The New Trend: Touchscreen Displays

Current trends focus on interactive technology, and OWR Event Wi-Fi supports this mode of tech. The experience you have with mobile devices can now be found on desktops and in public venues. The touchscreen is everywhere and we want to make sure that our interactive display selection and top notch services help to captivates your event audience successfully. We offer a variety options with a wide range of display space depending on the size of your event and your content. With excellent viewing angles and easy navigation, our touchscreens will make your next gig a roaring success.

Professional Audio Systems Make your Event more Exciting

Professional audio systems are a must have for a successful and exciting event. OWREventWi-Fi offers high quality, studio grade equipment that reduces any background noise while delivering pure unadulterated sound. We have the largest inventory of IT equipment. We choose our AV rental systems from only the best brands to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our huge range of products has the perfect technology specs for any event you want executed. We'll engage your audience through audio effects that leave you speechless.

We believe that the right equipment and service is the key to success

OWR Event Wi-Fi takes pride in its AV rental inventory and the team of professionals that make up our company. We communicate effectively with our customers and believe in a solution oriented, positive approach to business. We offer 24x7 customer support, for your convenience.

Our best products along with our expert event Wi-Fi solutions provide interactive experiences that are second to none.

Our event Wi-Fi solutions go all the way

One of the best part of our services is the quality of work our professional team puts into every event. We ensure that you receive the best quality products, setups and service. OWR Event Wi-Fi makes sure that the event Wi-Fi has a fast connection that is secure, stable and capable of handling any number of devices or users present.


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