All You Need to Know About PA System in 2019


Whether you are arranging a grooving party, giving a speech or planning a joyful outdoor festival, you will require some type of sound reinforcement system. A public address system, commonly known as a PA system, is used by users to amplify microphones and audio signals to create a louder and a clearer sound. Since the market is full of simple as well as complex PA systems, the buying of such PA systems has become harder. There exists an ideal solution for every situation. To help you get rocking in the world of PA systems, OWREventWiFi has jotted down 3 basic types of configurations.

Mixer with passive speakers

A PA system is made of 3 basic components namely, speakers, amplifiers and a mixer. To make this PA system easier to be used, manufacturers create PA systems sporting different configurations. The most common options include:

  • Mixer with passive speakers
  • Passive speakers, mixer and an amplifier
  • Speakers with passive mixers

Mixer with passive speakers

In such type of PA system, the amplifier is built directly within the mixer. These systems are designed to cater small to mid-sized events and are capable of accommodating only a handful of inputs. Power mixer systems are best suited for background music, voice reinforcement or small group performance. These types of PA systems are small, portable and usually possess 2 medium-sized speakers.

Passive speakers, mixer and an amplifier

Usually used for permanent installations, this is ideal for large-scale events. To mix the right speaker to the amplifier requires a good amount of experience and even more experience is required to set up, wire and install these types of PA systems. Most live music halls and performance venues have this kind of PA system installed. The command station is a sound booth located somewhere behind the audience. These types of sound systems require a professional sound engineer to operate.

Speakers with passive mixers

This marks as the ideal for the person who wants to augment their system after a while. With a passive mixer, the user can add more powered speakers to increase the volume or as an upgrade to the current system. These types are also extremely safe to use since they are matched to the right power. The risk of blowing the speakers is very low in this case.


OWR Event Wifi is expert in providing expert wireless networking services. Our experts prepared the list of the best types of PA systems as much as buying/hiring a home to help you be informed when you are buying/hiring a PA system. Contact us to Get the right event solutions and ensure the success of your event.