Digital and Interactive Audio Visual Devices to Maintain Good Rapport with Your Hotel Delegates

Digital and Interactive Audio Visual Devices to Maintain Good Rapport with Your Hotel Delegates

It is very essential to carry a good relation with your delegates at your hotel. As different delegates like different things and require different courtesy. To keep up the good connection with your delegates you need to maintain the highest generosity level as possible. With the help of audio-visual element, the hospitality level for your hotel delegates can be maintained. Following audiovisual devices can be added into your delegate welcome-kit:

1. LED/LCD TV screens:

To keep up the high standards of the hotels, the latest versions of visual systems are used. The large TV in hotel lobbies or medium sized LED in rooms for guests or dining room or a full HD LED TV is needed must in a hotel. These LED television screens do not only brighten up the altogether environment but provide guests with the gigantic visual experience. The utilization of these large LEDs during a popular sports tournament will bloom your event and will provide massive hospitality to your delegates.

2. Signage and Kiosks:

The signage and kiosks provide a techy look to the hotel environment. They are hardware and software computer terminal that connects and display info as required by the guests. In LCD/LED TVs, digital signage is there to display images, videos, weather data, and restaurant menu and phone texts too. The signage and kiosks are two essential components to provide a high level of hospitality and comfort to your delegates.

3. Digital menu books:

Digital menu books innovative form of hardware that can be used in the hospitality department in a hotel. These digital menu books are handover to customers at the dining area to immediately and easily place their order to the kitchen server. This gives such a cool impact over the delegates and it makes serving food really efficient.

4. Pager: 

If you have been an event attendee already in a hotel, you must know about the banner and hear an announcement for a member to join the specific area. The paging system is used to make simple and classy. This is a digital system that allows you to notify the associated members about the exact time with the help of a ‘Pager’. Around the world, in the developed countries, hotels provide pager to their delegates so they can be aware of the meeting scheduled time. The usage of pager will take your reputation to a whole new level.

To utilize these outstanding audiovisual element, you must need extremely good Wi-Fi services, and OWREventWiFi provides Wi-Fi solution to your events.