Trade show offers a variety of opportunities to market a company’s product and services at the venue facing a large audience and media people. It gives you a chance which allows you to meet and socialize more with potential customers. An event seems easy to organize however, it’s not. You have to spend a lot of time on such activities, including printing out the materials, flyers, and pamphlets and decorating your booth. There is an easy way with which you can skip all the effort and reduce the paperwork by using mobile technology and smart event apps.

Event management apps allow you to communicate and assist you in building strong community networks. By adding the lost spark in your event, you can transform your audience into active participants. Event apps also act as a powerful tool in conducting a trade show successfully.

Following are the interactive features that can maximize engagement at your event:

•    You can share photos, links, and videos related to the event

•    You can greet them or comment on other attendees posts

•    Gather your audience’s feedback from the event

•    It becomes easy to communicate with messaging one another

•    Stay updated to via push notifications

Mobile-friendly event apps are effective these days as they also allow you to stay connected to the social media channel and the latest news that helps you optimize outcomes. With such smart apps, you can encourage people to become active participants to stay tuned with upcoming activities at the event.


Availability of Wi-Fi and mobile technology can help you turn the table in events where you can carry portable devices all the way. The mobile event apps can become an individual’s true event buddy which helps him navigate, communicate and entertain throughout the event.

You can advertise your brand to capture your audience’s attention and can ask for their quick reviews. These reviews will help you in improvising the details that you most likely skip in meeting your customer’s requirement.


The mobile event app offers you a particular type of advantage where you can reach the users with the push notifications. It not only alerts people on what’s going to happen at the event but also acts as a communication tool engage people and gather traffic at your booth. You can offer a special prize on an online contest which can help you engage the audience efficiently.

Also, you can use it as a recall strategy where it works best to remind people about the event or things related to it. Another benefit is its reusable data that helps you with getting all the follow-ups that you might need to send future invites.

These event apps also let you generate quick revenues with the registrations, fees, hosting, in-app advertisements or banner messages. Besides, marketers can use gamification to engage the audience in a better way.

You cannot host an event without the right event technology and OWR Event Wi-Fi offers you the latest event technology on the go.