How To Get WiFi For An Event

How To Get WiFi For An Event

How To Get WiFi For An Event? Getting WiFi for an event isn’t the same thing as if you were to get a WiFi device for your home. There are certain measures that should be taken, in order that you get the best results from a WiFi device. The only thing that you should be concerned with is your network provider and the bandwidth.

In this post how to get wifi for an event, we will be highlighting the best and the most sufficient way to know for sure that you are obtaining the correct type of WiFi for your event and how to get wifi for an event.

Your Network Providers

At least a week (5 business days) before your event is to take place, you should be conducting intense surveys with major network providers like AT&T and Verizon.

When you are searching for the best options that you can get for the internet, the first thing you should check is the reviews in which have been submitted by their loyal customers.

Get a good sense of their customer-care & support team and determine if their customer services are exceptional or not. Do they have an on-site technician in case of Wifi malfunctions?

Your Network Providers

The second thing you need to do is compare the price structures between all providers. Determine the best economic package that you think is sufficient for your business.

Remember that each package has a different bandwidth in which you would get as per to your contract, make sure that you have enough bandwidth so that no one at the event faces any difficulties catching your free or paid wifi signals.

Conduct Test-Runs On Your Connection

It is highly recommended for you to test your wifi out, surf the web, test your event apps and ensure that everything is running smoothly without any flaw or hiccups.

By doing so, will help you ensure that your attendees will not face any issues during a session at your event.

Prepare For The Worst, And Hope For The Best

Prepare for the worst thing that can happen at your event show and just pray that nothing like that actually happens.

It is idealistic to have an on-sight technician who can promptly aid your issues in case of a sudden malfunction.

Hiring your own technician can be pricey, hiring technician for a few days would cost ten times less.

This way, you will keep a backup technician who knows all the ins and outs of the wifi device, no further training is required for such technician or staff member and at the end of the show, the technician can assist in uninstalling the devices and help with gathering all the optic fibers!

Ensure That You Have Enough Access Points

During the event show, you can expect a very noisy facility with attendees and representatives roaming around, talking, laughing and sharing ideas.

You don’t want anyone of your interested attendees struggling to catch a wifi signal.

That is a rookie mistake, so don’t be the victim.

Instead, get an array access point device that allows multiple access points and an increment on your bandwidth.

Ensure That You Have Enough Access Points

A larger bandwidth means your attendees will be able to use the wifi and can stream live anytime, watch videos, download forums, download your event apps and much more, all without any hurdles.

If you are live streaming yourself whilst conducting a lecture session and you cast a screen on a larger scale, some people may be able to view your lecture through their smart devices.

If you have a low bandwidth, chances are that your live streaming will stutter, skip and even freeze in between sessions.

Ensuring that you have enough bandwidth will ensure you that your live streaming sessions will not fail in any manner whatsoever.

How To Get WiFi For An Event in the UK

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