Technology is revolutionizing the world in dramatic ways in a snap. Companies focus their strategies and business working on the basis of the newest technological trends. Back again for the 14th year, IP Expo Europe will be bigger, better and much cooler. For everyone who works in the IT or cybersecurity industry, going to the IP Expo Europe will prove to be in your business’s best interest. This marks as the best event for the cloud, infrastructure, and cybersecurity up-keeping in Europe. The event in 2019 will focus attention on working in data analytics, AI and software development as well as IOT and blockchain projects. 

The IP Expo Europe is all set to take place on 9-10th October 2019. The event will enable attendees to acknowledge the reward that tech delivers, not only in the form of improving lives but also in several other tangible ways. In Europe, this marks as the only worthy event for IT and cybersecurity providers. The field of IT and cybersecurity becomes complex and challenging every passing year and IP Expo Europe is being conducted to help you and your colleagues efficiently inculcate the latest technology to your business’s benefit.

What Is Being Offered This Year?

IP Expo Europe 2019 will witness:

  • Increased number of technology demonstrations
  • More tech related case studies with their workable solutions
  • Increased number of vendors (and free offerings)
  • Enhanced training collateral
  • Excellent speakers
  • Insight into most modern trends for the years to follow.

The event is taking place at six co-located events. Whatever your area of interest or aspirations may be, IP Expo Europe will teach you something of value. A great number of people attend this event to enjoy the perfect mix of conference, information, vendors and networking all within one space.

Why Should You Attend IP Expo Europe 2019?

  • Strong networking

IP Expo Europe is attended by some of the biggest names of the industry. The 3-days event proves to be an excellent networking bar. It gives you the best space to relax and connect with people in the same field.

  • Excellent learning

Everyone’s learning spectrum is different. Therefore, at IP Expo Europe, you can build your own personal seminar agenda and learn and develop at your convenience.

  • First-hand insight into the industry trends

The event helps you identify the latest trends and be inspired straight from the tech giants like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Splunk, Oracle, IBM, AWS, etc. just to name a few.

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