Everything once comes at its slowest form, Wi-Fi too. Slow Wi-Fi can be really hard to handle not only for people at home using their smartphone but for businesses and their warehouses. The warehouse can also go through Wi-Fi troubles but if you know what are the warning signs of trouble in your Wi-Fi and how to be prepared you can be saved form trouble.

Trouble signs

•    Clashing Wi-Fi service in different places

•    Infrequent Wi-Fi handling

•    Slow network connectivity

•    Stopped scanners

•    Unfamiliar battery drainage

Above are only some of the trouble signs of Wi-Fi, but what exactly the things are that led the Wi-Fi to these troubles.

Usual Wi-Fi problem and why they happen

Power Crank up

When a Wi-Fi is run in a warehouse, it is not working on a short scale, its providing access to many more bugger things. Wi-Fi is present in a bulk quantity and at its maximum. This is where the trouble begins. When the excess amount of Wi-Fi is needed, using it at its maximum explains but by cranking the power to full, it will cause a problem in accuracy. Start the Wi-Fi usage from “50%” and make small changes as needed.

Updated Firmware

Firmware is permanent software programmed into a ROM. They are the access points. Warehouses have multiple old out of date firmware which stops the correct access points. When the firmware is out of the date, it sticks to a specific access point rather than connecting to one which is more favorable. Its only solution is to keep the firmware updated from time to time.

Wrong antenna type

The two types of Wi-Fi antennae mainly used in warehouses are directional and Omni-directional. The first type of Wi-Fi antennae is to stay focused on the signals of the particular area. Omni-directional antenna gives the consumer 360 degrees of Wi-Fi coverage. The mistake what come here is the assumption that 360 degrees Wi-Fi coverage works better than the focused Wi-Fi coverage.

Cages Trouble

For the safety purpose equipment that is utilized in the warehouse is surrounded by some metal cage. Inside the equipment are the wireless devices that depend on Wi-Fi to connect. The location of the devices isn’t the issue but the location of the antenna probably is. Due to the antenna’s location within the metal protection cage, proper RF communication is prevented. This problem has an easy solution which is to place the antenna outside the metal cage so that proper RF communication with access points can take place.

Stock effect on Wi-Fi performance

A stock that warehouse holds have definitely some effect over Wi-Fi performance. The different stock will effect differently. As a stock of mattresses and pillows will not make any difference to the Wi-Fi performance, but stock that is made of metal or holds metal parts will affect the Wi-Fi performance.  To avoid such issues in future a proper site survey and RF design can be helpful.

Now you must have an idea that causes poor Wi-Fi and how you can prevent it now. OWREventWiFi is working globally and providing Wi-Fi solutions for your event, business places, and warehouses. So for better progress, get the best Wi-Fi solutions.