Having a separate Wi-Fi network for your staff members and volunteers that is different from the one provided to your attendees might be a very good idea; especially if you are trying to create content opportunities.

Some other reasons for having a separate Wi-Fi network include:

  • Uploading Of Content Right Away

For maximizing your reach, it is important that you are able to share your content with the attendees right away so that the attendees can then forward your content.

Content capture is a great deal with keynote speakers and helps in increasing the success of your event.

Uploading Of Content Right Away

Some of the clients are excited to use the new 4G Internet to upload and broadcast videos.

Now you can also create a personalized internet bundle with the help of OWR and get a separate Wi-Fi for your attendees and staff members.

  • Needs Of Your Speakers

You speaker may want to use the internet during their presentation, and it is also possible that they forgot to tell you beforehand.

Needs Of Your Speakers

Many speakers tend to finalize their presentation at the last minute and so they may have found a Youtube video ideal for your audience and may need to use it during their speech.

Having a proper Wi-Fi in place will make sure that the speaker’s presentation goes without any issue.

  • Live Streaming

Many staff members, volunteers, and industry influencers tend to live stream your event to help attract more people. The only problem with this live streaming is internet connectivity.

Streaming takes more bandwidth than any other activity, and you will have to make sure that these videos being shown by the host organizations have a high quality.

Live Streaming

With Instagram and Facebook allowing live streaming, it is important that your booth gives influences with a separate Wi-Fi in order to increase the number of attendees and make everyone feel special.

  • More Appreciation

If your event is being attended by people such as board members, social media influences, volunteers, VIP’s , speakers or any other group of people who may feel appreciated by getting special Wi-Fi access, a personalized Wi-Fi bundle will be great for your event.

More Appreciation

However, make sure that the group using Wi-Fi is interested in your venture and do not pass on the information to all the attendees, giving them an opportunity to cover the entire venue.

You should also consider thinking of a process for encouraging them not to pass on the network information.

  • Event Operations

Event Operations

Having a dedicated network for critical tasks such as managing productions, registration operations, and other online logistics is very important. So make sure you can consistent connectivity via OWREventWiFi.