Can you sit around and imagine life without the smartphone, the internet or email? All of these things are 100% necessary for modern working and living generation. However, they all are some very recent inventions.

The point we are trying to make is that technological advancements take place rapidly and before you can even comprehend them, they change our lives and become a norm.

So what are the next sweeping change you can expect to happen in the Event Industry and how will it impact your work?

Keep on reading to find out!


Application Programme Interface (API) is a way of one technology being able to communicate with other and share data easily.

With this technology, you can choose the best solutions available to you and make them work together seamlessly. With this technology, you not only get the best of both worlds but you also avoid the downside of being tasked with everything.

Live Streaming


Radio-Frequency identification wristbands are not only for the music festival but can be used for seminars and conferences and other events as well.

With this technology, you can handle re-entry for multiple day events easily and provide personalized access to many zones inside an event.

You can even allow attendees to link their RFID bracelet with their credit card and pay onsite.

Artificial Intelligence

No trend list is complete with the mention of AI. Event organizers are now making use of AL for things such as Chatbots allowing them to answer to the guests’ queries through the events page and sometimes even before the event via communication apps such as Facebook Messenger and more.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will make event experiences more personalized and the capability of this niche is still not fully discovered.

Live Streaming

With the latest services such as Blab, Periscope, and Meekat hitting the market, the idea of live streaming has become more and more common and popular by the day.

Organizers view life-streaming as an opportunity to build Fear of Missing out thus increasing their overall audience and this leads to a growth in tickets sales, attendees and a bigger event.

Gesture Control

Gesture control became very mainstream with the introduction of Kinetic when many households were introduced to this technology giving them the ability to control screen action with simply their body movements.

Since then its usage has been multiple and this will be great for events as organizers will be able to hold more exciting trade stands and engaging presentations.


With the fast pace of today’s world, we are already one step closer to the future. Now with OWREventWiFi you can have access to a wireless solutions enterprise at the public and corporate event all around the globe. Use their skilled expertise and advanced technology to make your event stand out!