In the world of corporate events, business meetings and tradeshows, large LED video screens have become a critical part in shaping the effectiveness of these events. While it won’t be wrong to say that entertainment industry jumped onto this video screen bandwagon a long while back, a newer trend is to include large LED video screens in big corporate events to grasp attention and make the event a success. The main reason behind this popularity is that LED video screens offer extremely bright, clear and easily viewable display. Their capability to adjust to different settings, be it indoor or outdoor, makes them the best possible invention for the event industry.

What are LED video screens?

For those who are unknown to what LED (light emitting diodes) video screens are, these screens comprise of direct view LED displays that work in conjunction to view content as a single screen. LED video screens are tremendously functional and very efficient because each component deals with conducting and emitting light for itself.

Mobile LED screen

These types of LED video screens are found to produce some of the sharpest images. Comprising of 256 bit, wide variety of colors and unmatched brightness, these screens enhance your event experience with its excellent functionality. These screens were designed keeping portability in mind and allows for a quick set up. The portability of the screens makes their moving from one location to another very flexible. Mobile screens are said to be best for branding, scoring, and timing. Typically, it is deployed outdoors for video images, live broadcast, and high-grade videos.

Mobile LED screen

Modular LED screen

Modular LED screens are placed in places that are otherwise not easily accessible. Once the screen is assembled, the event attendees will thoroughly enjoy the content that is deployed on the screen all hail to the excellent brightness, colors, and graphics. Modular LED screens are easily configured to any shape or size, depending upon the requirement of your event. People usually deploy these screens to display video images and live broadcast, but they can also be used for lighting enhancement.

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