Top Enterprise Tech Trends In 2019

Top 4 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2019

According to a new report there are a few significant tech trends that will dominate enterprises in 2019.These IT trends are divided into four categories:

•    Necessary technology

•    Experimental technology

•    Threatening technology

•    Transitory technology

Necessary technology (SD-WAN)

The SD-WAN stands for Software-defined wide area networking. It gives enhanced performance and bandwidth. It also allows distant locations to content with the inner networks. SD-WAN requires public internet with an additional layer of end-to-end encryption. The enterprises that Invest in IoT should consider investing in SD-WAN by 2019 as the expected revenue of SD-WAN is 8$ billion.

Time series databases (TSDB)

They are databases of time-stamped entries used for stalking variations in data over the period. Wall Street and financial firms are widely using time series databases for a while now. Enterprises that are using IoT technology for data receiving should reply more on TSDB as their data is already time shaped so it can be understood more freely.

Experimental technology (Multi-cloud management)

Managing data and software can be hard if there is only one cloud service used in an enterprise. Fortunately, modern problems have modern solutions. The market of multi-cloud management adding services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure all under one control. Multi-cloud management is cheaper and also removes vendor lock-in.


Application-specific integrated circuits and application-specific standard products are a new trend in computing. It is cheaper, performance-driven, and more energy efficient. IoT hardware business inventors, as an internal tool or as a consumer product, should look into ASICS and ASSPS.

Threatening technology


The Google-developed HTTP-over-QUIC is now known as HTTP/3. It shortens connection establishment times, reduces bandwidth jamming, and mend potential when it will come out in 2019. QUIC ties to a server and encodes a request in single conduction.


The new security innovation is generated to light up security issues that have arisen in the way microsegmented applications speak with one another. Nanosegmentation maps inner transactions among microservices and makes a list of what’s permitted. Anything outside of its guide is consequently terminated.

Transitory technology (Graph databases)

This is new form of NoSQL. It stands for “not only SQL”. This database is perfect for Enterprises constructing social networks, recommendation engines, and knowledge graphs. They are perfect for unstructured data as they show relationship and connection between data because SQL can’t do this. NoSQL databases scale horizontally, as an alternative (in the case of SQL) of adding more computing power to grip a larger database, more servers are added. A NoSQL graph database is already getting used by Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Serverless computing

AWS’ Lambda is a serverless computing ideal. Lambda and many more serverless computing services use a small bit of code for an exact occupation which is only turned up when it’s in need of use. Serverless computing is the most amazing development of public cloud service.


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