Your Wi-Fi just broke down and you have an important task at hand to complete using the internet? Worry not, because, with the revolution in technology, you are not stranded on an empty island anymore. If you have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac with cellular internet connectivity on it, you can share its internet connection with any of the other Apple devices without undergoing any hoops or difficulties. It is not a widely known feature and many people are not aware of this special feature that new smartphones offer.

Majority of the people know well about the personal hotspot, a feature that allows a smart device to share cellular internet connectivity or cellular iPad’s connectivity with any other device, similar to tethering in the older days. While that is very easy and convenient, it is not as effective as the feature we are about to discuss just now i.e. instant hotspot.

All hail to the instant hotspot, you can connect your iPhone or cellular internet on an iPad as if it were any sort of a Wi-Fi connection and you need not turn the personal hotspot on to be able to use it.

What you require for Hotspot

Although it is easy, there are some basic prerequisites that must be met for using instant hotspot:

  • Your smartphone device or your cellular iPad must be activated and connected to an internet plan that supports tethering. Majority of the cellular plans do but in case you experience any issue, connect the service providers and inquire. You might be required to pay extra for enabling this service.
  • Each device involved, either iPhone or iPad, must have Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Every device must be signed into iCloud by using the same Apple ID.

After you have done all the prerequisites, you are good to go. There is minimal configuration required from your side and you also do not have to have personal hotspot active on your iPhone, cellular iPad or Mac. Both the devices in contact must meet the requirements mentioned above and be placed close to each other to be able to communicate.

To connect simply click on the Wi-Fi button and select the name of the device whose internet connection you wish to share.

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