Wireless LAN Professionals Conference: An Innovative Tech Event

Wireless LAN Professionals Conference

The tech world comes with innovative and remarkable tech events. One of which is the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference. This event is truly the fuel for the Wi-Fi professionals. 

This event is growing stronger as every year new IT and Wi-Fi professionals become part of it. WLPC is all about socializing, getting to know each other, and sharing knowledge, technical talks from Wi-Fi experts, experiences of technicians and deep dive sessions by the wireless professionals. 

Let’s dig a little deeper so you can know more about this unique event.

Who puts the conference on?

Keith Parsons is the Managing Director of Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc. He is known for his gifted technical experience around the world.  He has earned 68 technical certifications. He has completed his MBA from the Marriott School of Management.

He wrote and edit more than thirty technical publications. He works with technology companies in the industry to equip the wireless professional with all the necessary tools they might need during the event in their attendee bag.

Who are the presenters?

This is the coolest part of the event as to be a presenter of the event if you only have to attend. To be the presenter of Wireless LAN Professionals Conference, you just have to be the attendee. The ones that feel passionate about something in the wireless industry can become the presenters.

What presentations are like?

 There are two kinds of presentations:

•    1 hour

•    Ten Talks

Ten Talks are a quick session of ten minutes.  They are mainly focused on specific topics. The one hour talk lets the presenters into deep of the specific topics. These presentations are always very beneficial to wireless engineers.

Presentations of this year

Like the past years, this year’s conference presentations were rewarding. Let’s talk about the techs that were presented at Wireless LAN Professionals Conference 2019.

  • VR Wi-Fi Design

The VR technology itself has been a great invention, but there was always a wire between the HDM and the console, but this VR Wi-Fi design got that covered. The most impressive new tech was the demo by iBWave. It is a Wi-Fi design suite that studies and designs Wi-Fi installation, yet they give the best experience of virtual reality. Wireless display connections allow VR and AR users a better experience and freedom of applications in gaming, stimulation, education, and much more.

  • How to Use Wireshark

It is a network analysis tool. Basically, it was created to break down data packets that are being transferred across diverse networks. The user is enabled to search and filter certain data packets and examine how they can be transferred across their network. Later, the packets of data can be utilized for analysis purposes on a real-time or offline basis. This information is utilized to create statistics and graphs.

Before utilizing it, you have to download and install it. It can be downloaded easily and free over its website. To have the best running experience, download the latest version.

In his conclusion, Keith Parsons announced that he will be arranging a bigger venue for the next year’s WLPC, as this year the attendees limit exceeded and the registration process was oversubscribed.

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