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Do you need a short term internet rental solution for your event?

OWREventWi-fi offers bonded 4G rental services that give you high speed data connections that are secure and protected.

An uninterrupted connection is important for your event

If you want your event to be a total success then you have to cater to your attendees’ connectivity needs. OWR Event Wi-fi provides advanced bonded 4G connections to our customers for all their events. We don't want you and your guests to experience a moment's unease about internet connections. Our solution for temporary internet connectivity for your event will ensure that you get a smooth and high speed connection for all.

You need bonded 4G for a continuous connection

We understand that there can be many connectivity problems with events, especially if they are in remote areas. OWR Event Wi-fi believes that you deserve a continuous internet connection no matter where you are. We make sure that your connection stays active with our bonded 4G rental service and hence minimise the risk of a bad connection.

Bonded 4G is being used worldwide to make sure people stay connected. OWR Event Wi-fi has employed this technology and incorporated it into our rental services to cater to your business presentations, conferences and seminars where you and your guests can have a continuous connection.

Making sure you are always online

The idea of always being online has become a norm. A reliable internet connection is an essential. At OWR Event Wi-fi, we realise this. We make sure that not only are you provided with a fast internet connection anywhere you are, but also that your connection stays strong. Our 4G broadband is faster than other networks and a popular choice for any kind of short-term business event.

Our state of the art bonded 4G rental solutions

We have state of the art rental solutions to your connectivity challenges. OWR Event Wi-fi provides fast and reliable 4G connections that use multiple SIMs to give smooth, undisturbed transmissions. Our solutions give an unbreakable link for any short term event you may have. We focus on helping our clients and their big events, even if they are in remote locations and need a good internet connection.

At OWR Event Wi-fi we are shaping your lives as well as the future of commercial events. Our connections will give you best video quality, excellent live streaming, secure connections and total peace of mind. 

A short-term state of affairs

It can be hard to find a short-term solution to your connectivity issues. OWR Event Wi-fi offers you the flexibility of being able to rent your 4G network for any upcoming event. You can hire our services for a day, a week, or more.

We provide you with an easy bonded 4G rental option. This will save you the time of setting up a new connection, and be cheaper than purchasing one for your short-term event. OWR Event Wi-fi gives fast solutions for any event challenge.

Fast installation means quicker use

The best part about our services is our team. OWR Event Wi-fi has a group of dedicated technicians who set up your entire rental package at the location of your event. We have a separate team for support that is available to help. We provide portable solutions that are secure and consistent.


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