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Indoor and outdoor festivals are everywhere. You hear about the latest music or movie festival happening and how well it succeeded from friends, family and media. OWR Event Wi-fi offers the best solutions for music festivals, food festivals and art festivals, among others. We provide limitless festival WiFi connectivity.

Event organisers need incredibly durable internet solutions that offer flexibility while simplifying event registration and other processes. We offer reliable, affordable and high-performance Wi-Fi options for a variety of events for all industries.


We fulfil your Wi-Fi requirements to make sure you are ready to host a festival with phenomenal success.  OWR Event Wi-Fi ensures that both event planners and customers can experience better browsing and networking. Our experts are committed to providing you the fastest festival WiFi that is as secure as it is consistent. With our event Wi-Fi technicians, you can run all your applications without a hitch. With the powerful security protocols and features, you can sync your media files and share live updates with the audience.


OWR Event Wi-fi offers the most budget-friendly connectivity solutions. Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor festival, we have the right tools to make it standout. With our customised packages, you will definitely find what you’re looking for.


We offer our users access to unlimited data to download smart applications, and promote your event through social media. Share photos, videos, and live stream without a glitch to enhance your event’s reach. Share a hashtag with your users and enable them to post their pictures, videos and more on social media.

Our Wi-Fi solutions for festivals ensure that you conduct your event successfully. Also, it provides smart tools that help you manage your team.


We carry the largest range of IT equipment for all your event needs. Whatever quantity you require, just contact us and we'll have it at the location of your choice. We carry nothing but the highest quality equipment. You will not find a single faulty piece. Our Q/A team checks the entire shipment, piece by piece, before sending it off to you. Quality is something that we don’t compromise on. Not only do we provide the highest standards of equipment, we also provide the most reliable onsite and offsite assistance. Our team of technicians will be there throughout the event to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


We offer Festival WiFi that delivers. It enables you to download or customise smart event apps that can help you manage your teams, allocate staff members, help you with signage and provide secure means of communication. Communicate with your colleagues in real-time to make sure that your event runs smoothly.


If you are hosting a big event, conference, tradeshow or concert, you need Wi-Fi and an analytics platform that delivers seamless connectivity and we aim to deliver. And, as more and more brands are switching to live streaming we'll help you with hosting experiential events that can engage audiences. Our festival WiFi delivers high-performance internet to make sure that you have a connection that is secure and flawless.

When it comes to offering the best Wi-Fi connectivity, OWR Event Wi-fi is your trusted partner. We provide connectivity solutions for:

  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Product Launches
  • Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • Indoor festivals
  • Outdoor festivals and more.


Contact us at events@owreventwifi.co.uk for more info or fill out the simple
enquiry form and we'll call you back within 15 minutes.