With indoor and outdoor festivals becoming more popular and offering more than just a musical experience, festival goers and hosts cannot function without instant event wi-fi connectivity.

Event organisers, musicians and presenters will want to instantaneously manage festival schedules, simplify event registration, sync music or media files and share live updates with visitors.

Amongst the hustle and bustle, festival goers want to be able to instantly purchase food and festival goodies and connect to social media to share their live videos and selfies instantly.

Both event organisers and visitors will want to spend less time purchasing e-tickets and registering themselves for ID badges, our event wi-fi solutions ease the pressures of this lengthy task and deliver results efficiently.

Whatever the festival requirement or weather status, OWREventWifi have it covered.

OWREventWifi have many years of expertise and only use the latest event technology to provide robust, high speed temporary festival wifi solutions in locations with limited or no outdoor event wi-fi at all. OWREventWifi provide festival wifi services in a wide variety of locations across the UK and tailor our solutions to the full requirements of the event.

We are innovators and we provide on-site support and the deployment of our event technology products where ever the festival is held. Our event staff are amongst the most skilled in the industry and will manage all the wired networks, bandwidth and temporary wi-fi connectivity, your festival is in reliable hands.


Our outdoor event wi-fi products are high quality and weatherproof - ready for the frequently changing British weather!

OWREventWifi provide festival wifi on a global scale, so if you have a festival coming up on the scorching desserts of Dubai, in snow cold mountains of France or in the heart of London we will get to your festival location and get your festival connected.

Designed to innovate and get connected.
Our team at OWREventWifi will be there to support event organisers throughout the event with the latest festival wifi event technology, technical on-site and remote support and a professional service from the beginning until the end.

Our extensive range of wi-fi will provide festival wifi solutions for:

Brand exposure through social media

Event staff and event organisers

Event registration and event check in

Festival goers event wi-fi

Food and drink stands

Instant payment solutions

Online video streaming

Journalist and photography zones

Schedule updates and competitions

Stalls and pop-up shops

Ticket scanners and ID badges


send an email to events@owreventwifi.co.uk for more info or fill out the enquiry form and we will call you back for a full consultation.