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We now have the amazing display product that everyone is talking about. It’s interactive, informative, and just plain fun. The Giant iTab is a multiple award-winning fully interactive, full HD display that looks just like an extra-large tablet or smartphone. It’s not surprising that it is sometimes referred to as a giant iPhone display or a giant iPad display. The interface replicates that of an iPad or iPhone, so you will already be familiar with how to use it. Simply touch, swipe or pinch the full HD display to operate it.

A man using Giant itab hire for business
Woman using Giant itab hire for business

About this giant iPad display.

The Giant iTab is no small player. This giant tablet is a work of genius that has won multiple awards since its debut to the Audio-Visual community. This includes ‘Best New Technology Product’ at the Event Technology Awards, ‘Best Digital Signage Product’ at the Best of ISE Awards, and winner of the ‘Best Digital Multi-Media Solution’ at Technology Media Telecoms. The giant tablet has been harnessed by powerful brands including BBC News, Nespresso, Barclays, Ethiad Airlines, Xerox, Harrods, Unilever, and the Financial Times. Companies like Dulux, Volvo, Sky, William Hill and the NHS have also utilised this powerful giant iPhone display.

The 27-inch Giant iTabs

The 27-inch giant iPhone display has a built-in camera and is our smallest Giant iTab model. It comes on a steel kiosk, and has a 5ms response time. This Giant iTab hire offers an AMVA +LED panel with a blue light reducer and 10 capacitive touch points. Opt for this giant iTab rental to experience its advanced contrast, and high definition display.

The 42-inch Giant iTab

Our 42-inch model giant tablet boasts an AMVA3 LED, AG coated glass panel with a 6.5 ms response time. This giant iPad display has 12 capacitive touch points and wheels on its edge brushed steel stand that enable easier movement. The Pro-Cap display has an anti-glare coating, so you can view it clearly in any lighting.

The 55-inch Giant iTab

This 55-inch Giant iTab hire is our largest giant tablet display. It offers an IPS LED, AG coated glass panel in full HD 1920x1080 (2.1 megapixels). Enjoy a giant iPad hire with a 12-point capacitive touchscreen and 12ms response time. This Giant iTab rental has wheels so that you can move it around quite easily.

This giant iPad rental is a large format solution to digital signage.

Renting this giant iPhone display has a number of benefits. First, we can handle delivery anywhere in the world on short notice and can supply in any volume. Secondly, we setup the equipment and preload all the software for you- so that your giant tablet is ready to go upon deployment. You can choose from a variety of software platforms, and each model is CE certified, made from edge brushed steel, and offers a 1920x1080 Full HD display with a pro-cap touchscreen and a designer stand. They have in-built speakers, and can project content such as photo galleries, websites, and social media, as well as PDFs and brochures, maps, floor plans, video and film. Use the giant iPad display in landscape or portrait orientation.

OWR Event Wifi includes Giant iTab hire and so much more.

Giant iTab rental is just a small part of what we do. You can rent Giant iTab or any of our event hardware products such as Audio-Visual equipment, EPOS systems, desktops, smartphones, digital signage and more. We also offer bespoke software creation such as event check-in and registration apps that help simplify your event entry process. Beyond these provisions, we can offer our world-famous internet installation in all of its forms. These include hardline, satellite internet, and the installation of remote access points. We offer personalised bonded internet, MiFi, and much more.

Two women using Giant itab hire

Need staffing solutions? Our technical event staff have over a decade in equipment setup in over 50 countries worldwide. We have the experience and the technical knowledge to ensure that events run smoothly from start to finish. Not sure what you need? Whether it’s to rent Giant iTab products or a range of other event related queries, we can help. Contact our experienced customer service team 24/7, and we can help you sort out a package that perfectly meets your event requirements. And don’t forget that we offer delivery absolutely anywhere in the world.

For more information on Giant iTab rental or any of our products or services, please contact our customer service team today.