24-hour deployment of Remote Working IT. Laptops, monitors, remote phone extensions, and accessories in any
volume. Fully preloaded software, safe delivery practices.

A professional, innovative and collaborative tablet for use at corporate and public events at venues throughout London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and anywhere you need them.
OWR Event Wifi can supply any quantity of Microsoft Surface Pro rental devices fully configured and installed with the latest apps and software for your next event. We can also setup wifi rental services to ensure your attendees are fully connected.

The options are endless, here are a few more ideas:

 Presentation apps

Donations and fundraising

Market research

Interactive educations events

Online surveys and polling

Utilise the Surface Pro in 3 ways:
In addition to the Surface Pro we also have in stock the Microsoft Surface Pro Pens,  Arc Mouse, and keyboards allowing you to use it as a tablet during presentations, as a laptop during training sessions or as a creative studio for any range of events or applications that inspire you.

Engage your audience.
Microsoft Surface Pro accessories can be easily integrated with the tablet via Bluetooth connectivity. The touchscreen will enable users to make notes, mark pages and brainstorm ideas during presentations and meetings. With our presentation app, users can connect with other attendees and speakers, visit live discussion forums and launch interactive presentations.

Get your event connected today

Contact us as events@owreventwifi.co.uk to find out about Microsoft Surface Pro rental or fill out the simple enquiry form and we will contact you within 15 minutes and offer a free quote.