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Introducing WiFi in a Box

There’s a new WiFi solution you may have heard about. It’s called WiFi in a Box, and it’s as easy to operate as it sounds. Unlike complex WiFi solutions, this is portable event internet that you can initiate simply by inserting a plug into a regional plug point. Clients are hiring it for seminars, conferences, festivals, and pop-up events. Every WiFi in a Box relays a secure, high-speed mobile data network. This system is international, we’ll provide you with regional plugs that are 110V or 220V.

WiFi in a Box

Uses 4x 4g/LTE-Advanced cellular providers.

Runs concurrently for icreased performance and 99.9% uptime.

Remote access management: user bandwidth and usage analytics.

Traffic shaping and Bandwidth Control per user

Optional additional pricate SSIDs (WiFi networks) and passwords.

Live Remote Support 24/7

Benefits of WiFi in a Box

WiFi in a Box has a number of features that work in its favour. It was made to be a portable event WiFi solution, so it weighs less than 10 kgs and comes in a neatly labelled ‘box’, a pelicase with a handle for carrying and one which extends for wheeling the box with you. It was designed for travel on coaches, in trains, and on aeroplanes- it’s an internet solution that is compact, durable and as mobile as your business. This portable event WiFi is also a scalable system that provides broadband for up to 100 users at a range of approximately 40 metres. Need more coverage? We can customise your WiFi, scaling it to specifications that meet your event needs. It also offers private SSIDs and complies with all WiFi security standards.

Why do we need high-speed broadband at events?

Event attendees will spend more and remain longer at events with strong, consistent WiFi. It enables event registration through iPads, check-in apps, and portable printers that can create passes onsite, as well as wristbands and id cards at the touch of a button. WiFi is brilliant for event apps of all types, such as those with online polling capabilities (used more frequently than ever at meetings) and silent auctions, used at charity fundraisers. It enables vendors to take orders and process transactions efficiently. It contributes towards guest engagement and inter-event networking online.

All of our event solutions.

Along with our portable event WiFi rental, we offer a number of hardware and software solutions that will help streamline your next event. This includes iPads, laptops, EPOS payment devices, AV equipment, VR headsets and so much more. We have a remote technical team that is available for you 24/7 and a variety of additional event WiFi options such as satellite, access points, personalised bonded internet, hardline, and more. Need portable printers, onsite staff, or PA systems? We can help with almost any event related item.

For more information about our WiFi in a Box, or for help with any of our event hardware, technical staffing or internet services, contact us today!


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