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Are you tired of bad internet connections during meetings?

OWR Event Wi-Fi understands the challenges that come with these corporate conferences. We offer internet services throughout major cities in the UK for your business meetings, presentations and seminars.

Are you worried as an event organizer?

Most event organisers understand WiFi after they have arranged a number of conferences. They know that a good business event requires a great wi-fi connection. We understand that it can be hard to find a fast, consistent, secure internet for your event, so we keep our solutions simple. OWR Event Wi-Fi offers its customers wifi for conferences so they have a reliable internet service during their event.

Conferences need steady internet connections for many reasons. Along with delivery of presentations, research, and connecting to other devices, the internet enables speakers to communicate effectively and without interruption. It has become integral to the corporate environment. We've set up conference internet in over 60 countries and we can help you!

We can cover all kinds of business events

OWR Event Wi-Fi offers their services to many different kinds of events. If you need wi-fi connection, we can give you a secure and reliable solution.

Business meetings

Our wi-fi connection can help you conduct your business meetings effectively and efficiently. You can have steady internet no matter where the meeting is. If members of the board are getting together to discuss and review their profits, they will need a fast internet connection to make presentations and present their research. We have fail-safe solutions that keep you online so that it's business as usual.

Business presentations

OWR Event Wi-Fi knows how important a business presentations can be, especially when pitching new ideas. Our high speed internet will make sure you have a perfect presentation, every time.

Training sessions for employees

We offer multiple wi-fi solutions for training sessions because the internet is a vital part of learning. Not only will employees understand concepts better through video and audiovisuals, but with OWR Event Wi-Fi’s simple setup, there will be no interruptions to the connection.

Video conferences

Online conferences are held with head members of the company, stakeholders or with offices in different parts of the city. OWR Event Wi-Fi gives you speedy internet for conferences so that your video doesn't lag or face disturbances. We guarantee continuous, high-speed internet with no additional hassle.

At a remote location? Try our 4G routers instead!

Our wifi for conferences services are not the only thing we have to offer. You can also choose our trustworthy 4G routers for your needs. These allow you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and will be a big help to your temporary connectivity.

Your guests will love live interactive presentations

Our interactive presentations are enjoyable and your guests will love getting involved through live Q&A and polling options that they can participate in throughout the conference. This enables a more diplomatic, anonymous way for business associates and board members to give their feedback and it enables the conference leaders to tailor their presentations to the online responses of their attendees in real time. 

Stay connected, always

The idea behind always staying connected is backed up by our support team. At OWR Event Wi-Fi we make sure that our technicians are available throughout your event to ensure that the internet is running smoothly. The technical on-site support that comes with the wifi for conferences is what makes us so special. We keep a check on things from the start of your event till the end. Our team will focus on integrating apps, connecting live speakers and other devices, help with check-ins as well as the registration process.


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